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Oceani App Cuento interactivo / Children's Book App

Oceani Children's Book App
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Oceani Children's Book App

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Discover fascinating sea creatures in a fun way and learn a fishy fact about each one

Available at Apple Store USA

Astonishing watercolour illustrations and fun interactive sound effects will help children dive into the magical world of the Pacific Ocean.

Oceani is a friendly little mermaid. She’s happy, intrepid, studious and is into everything. She loves meeting new sea creatures and making friends.

Do you know who destroys the Clown Fish‘s seaweed garden? Do you know how the Parrot Fish sleeps? Oceani teaches us these and other strange characteristics in an interactive way.

Discover the real and documented strange habits of the Mandarin Fish, the Octopus, the Clown Fish, the Parrot Fish, the Napoleon Fish, the Seahorse, the Butterfly Fish, the Shark and the Fiddler Crab.

The ingenious narrative, vivid animations and engaging interactions will keep the young reader captivated for days.


- 17 beautifully illustrated pages on watercolor

- 17 highly interactive pages, in which children play with the characters

- “Read to me” and “Read by myself” modes

- Full version in English and Spanish

- Voices by professional native english and spanish storytellers

- Original soundtrack “Oceani” written specifically for the app

- Direct access to any page and character

- Free updates

Recommended ages: 1-3, 4-8

Categories: Education, Reading, Creative Play


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